Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009


It feels crazy to say this, but since I started this journey back in February I've now lost a total of 50 lbs.  I've been off hCG for four months but I continued to lose and now I've started to work on maintaining this weight.  This success has to be a result of lifestyle changes - eating organic; emphasizing proteins, complex grains, fruits, vegetables and lots of water.  Now I'm addicted to my morning runs through the woods w/ our dog.  My wife is starting to make me eat baked potatoes and bread.  Every now and then I even have french fries at lunch.  I truthfully feel like I won't gain the weight back though.  Here's to meeting that goal! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This weekend was a new milestone -- I took one day off from my 3 mile weekday run...and I missed it!! So on Sunday morning of this three-day weekend, my dog and I hit the trail. Felt great. Then on Memorial Day my wife "encouraged" me to join the family and friends on a 5- mile hike. It literally felt like a walk in the park.

I'm still learning to eat enough -- sort of afraid to tempt myself with any of the old foods I used to overindulge in but the wife looked at my salad during the post hike brunch and told me I wasn't eating enough. Can always depend on my 9 year old not to finish his I ate half his bean burrito and some healthy tortilla chips (no trans fats) and didn't gain a pound.

Speaking of which...I hit 190 for the first time in years -- that a total of 49 lbs lost since my heaviest the week I started the hCG program at Green Valley Spa in Utah back in February.

Hard to believe I was 205 at my wedding 12 years ago and I thought that was thin. I fluctuate now between 195 and 190 and I think that's where I want to stay.

Bigger question....will the "new me moustache" stay or go?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Green Valley Spa hCG Success Story

My name is Laz Bello and I lost 30 lbs in 30 days because of the HCG diet. I went to Green Valley Spa three months ago and spent 7 days on the HCG program….it changed everything for me.

I had battled my weight for the past ten years – gaining 30 lbs when my wife was pregnant – just as much as she did – and then every other year I would lose 20 and gain it back…lose it and gain it back. I suffer from asthma…so I would eat healthy and exercise … until allergy season came around…and then I would get sedentary…and gain it all back. It was a vicious cycle until last year’s terrible fire season in California which followed allergy season…and there was no exercising for me….so I gave up, got lazy and gained more weight than ever. I’m 5’ 9” and was about 235 lbs. My knees started bothering me; my right foot had a hairline fracture and I had absolutely no energy to do anything.

My wife works in the spa world and she knew about Green Valleys’ new hCG program…so she encouraged me to go and try it. I was skeptical but I knew I had to do something.

Then when I finally got my week at the spa, she got skeptical when I called and told her about the two “Loading Days” that kicked off the 7 day diet. Turns out I GAINED 4 lbs…but then…it started falling off. a pound a day…a pound a day.

I loved the daily wellness classes; I looked forward to my daily trail hikes – and even tried a few Fitness Level hikes – and it was great to be around people at the spa who were on the diet too. The staff was so supportive….I knew I could go to them with any of my challenges.

Green Valley’s classes on nutrition by their resident Doc, Gordon Reynolds, were so helpful….He was like a holistic Marcus Welby. He helped me with so many things – what supplements to take, how to shop for food. I had been having sinus headaches about twice a week for a few years. He told me what not to eat and what to stay away from. I haven’t had a sinus headache since.

Miriam the Life Coach – HCG director – truly was a coach….asking me how I felt, what I was going thru each day both physically and emotionally. She was always available when I needed her…even after I went home I could call her or Email her and she got right back to me.

It was so great to have the meals prepared for me at Green Valley too. Let’s face it when I first heard about the 500 calories a day I thought it was crazy…but when I walked in the dining room – the meals were presented so well and just delicious. Of course the amount was an adjustment. I never did go to the hcg cooking classes the spa offered and now I wish I would of.

I got a bit worried about what to do about preparing the meals when I got home…I’m not a cook and I couldn’t expect my wife -- who travels a lot for her business to prepare each one for me. But, that’s the beauty of Green Valley – when you leave, they can ship the HCG meals right to your door!! They were sent to my home in dry ice…fresh sealed in a plastic pouch – I just put them in the microwave and voila!! No more thinking about it than that. No need to shop, prepare or cook.

But I’m not saying it was an easy 30 days by any means. There were times during the three weeks after leaving Green Valley when it was touch and go…at points I felt like giving up. easy …throughout the three weeks after I left that I still had to be on the diet it was touch and go…there were times when I felt like giving up. I give my family credit – I was grouchy at times because sticking to any diet is hard…but seeing those pounds come off kept me going. There were days though that I seemed to plateau…then I’d call Miriam at the spa and she would give me suggestions for how to adjust the diet for a day … and it worked!

And to think – those 7 days at at Green Valley really did kickstart a lifestyle change for me!!

Now I shop organic – I have a whole new appreciation for the local Farmer’s Market – I work hard to make healthy lifestyle choices., My friend lives close by and he’s into fitness so he agreed to meet me every morning before work at 5:30 and we run with our dogs for 3 miles. I look forward to it. The day begins in the right way and so far I’ve lost 44 lbs! My wife loves to brag to people now that I’m 10 lbs under our Wedding Weight!!

I couldn’t have done it without Green Valley!